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Trappist Congregation in Belgium (1836 - 1892)                                    

Congrégation de la Trappe en Belgique (1836 - 1892)

Kongregation von La Trappe in Belgien (1836 - 1892)




April 22, 1836 by the Decret "Cum Religiosae Familiae" of Pope Gregory XVI.

1892 canonical erection of the "Ordo Cisterciensium B. V. de Trappa" (reunification of three Cistercian-Trappist congregations without the Trappists of Casamari)

later name (after 1847)

Congregatio Antiquioris Reformationis de Trappa in Belgio (since 1847)


Provincia belgica Antiquioris Reformationis de Trappa

       Vicarius Generalis

Abbot of Westmalle

  affiliated monasteries



Sint-Sixte (founded in 1831)

Achel (founded in 1839)

Scourmont (founded in 1850)

Echt (founded in 1883)


Diepenveen (founded in 1883)

Rochefort (founded in 1887)