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Notre Dame de la Plaine



Notre Dame de la Plaine

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Bernardine Cistercians of Esquermes (The Monasteries of the Bernardines of Esquermes are not autonomous and have a system of central government, based at the Mother House)

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The Bernardines of Esquermes were founded in Esquermes, a suburb of Lille in 1827.Cistercian Abbeys which were dissolved in the French Revolution  (1789):

   Notre Dame d’Annay  (f. 1196)

   Notre Dame de la Woestine (f. 1217)

   Notre Dame des Près, Douai, (f. 1221)

Historical and political reasons caused the Mother House to be transferred several times. Before La Plaine, the Mother House was at Armentières, France.

daughter abbeys







Monastère Stella Maris, Mikkabi Japon

Monastère Notre Dame du Lac, Goma, RDC 

Monastère Notre Dame des Petites  Roches    (St Bernard du Touvet, France)              

Monastery of Our Lady of Hyning, Carnforth, UK

Monastère Notre Dame de Bafor, Diebougou, Burkina Faso

Monast. of Our Lady and St Bernard, Brownshill, UK

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Ordo monialium Cist. Bernardinarum de Esquermes

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Monastère Notre Dame de la Plaine

287, Avenue de Lattre de Tassigny

59350 St André



[+33] (0)3 20 51 76 20


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